Olive Oil 100% Arbequina

100% Arbequina, Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 50cl bottle.


  • Fragrant extra virgin olive oil made from the tiny arbequina olives that grow close to the vineyards.
  • Harvested ending November, just when the olives are changing colour from green to black and still rosy.
  • Mas Doix Oil has a balanced and complex profile. The fruitiness of ripe olive is clearly identifiable in nose and mouth with a great diversity of secondary aromas, above all apple and banana. The tomato and fennel are also very present aromas.
  • In the mouth it reminds of almonds, its sweetness stands out a little, as well as its astringency that does not interfere with its profile.
  • Balanced and harmonious oil with a clear touch of sweetness that is characteristic of the Arbequina variety.
  • Acidity: less than 0.2º.
  • Try our new 100% arbequina, extra virgin olive oil. A 50cl bottle of balanced and harmonious oil with a clear touch of sweetness.
100% Arbequina / Mas Doix