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3 Doix

2014, 2015, 2016

Elegance and complexity. A strong, unique personality.

Enjoy the evolution of a Doix

Three consecutive vintages to enjoy the evolution of a wine at the same time. Tasting these wines simultaneously allows us to grasp how the character of the vintage and the bottle aging make us enjoy it differently.


Vintage 2014

A good year, without a lack of rain, moderate temperatures and the typical dry summer. A hot, rainy September complicated the harvest and a careful selection of the grapes was required, which ended up with a very good tannin structure, concentration of tastes, and refreshing acidity.

Vintage 2015

Moderate winter with a single snowfall in February. Spring with barely any rain and high average temperatures. The 60 liters per square meter that fell in June allowed us to face a July with a heat wave and more temperate and dry August and September. Harvest from the 15 Sepetmber through 25 October. Without any rush, but without any breaks either. A relaxed harvest.

Vintage 2016

A record vintage. Small healthy grapes, fruit of the driest summer we have had to date after a rainy spring. The moderate average temperatures with small showers in September provided us with one of the calmest and longest vintages of the last few years. Excellent ripeness and acidity. A benchmark vintage, one of the best in the last few years.