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Les Crestes 2019 and Murmuri 2020

2019 i 2020

The pure freshness of the black and white Grenache.

White and red, let no one run out of wine.

Our first white and red wines to enjoy the young Grenaches of Mas Doix.


Vintage 2019

The year is to be remembered for the heatwave that lasted until the end of June, with temperatures of up to 43 °C that especially affected the Carignan. A hot summer, but with showers that cooled off the vines. Optimal conditions continued through the end of August resulting in grapes that were concentrated and well balanced. Great quality with slightly lower yields.

Vintage 2020

Early year. The high temperatures caused the plants to begin their vegetative growth phase 2 to 3 weeks earlier than normal. This moving up of the cycle, combined with the intense spring rains and the high temperatures, generated the “perfect storm” for the development of mildew. A dry summer accelerated the ripening process, so that the harvest was begun a week before the usual time. The resulting grape was very high quality. One of the shortest harvested and the smallest yields in the last 10 years.