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Doix 2016 & Salix 2019

2016 i 2019

The complexity and finesse of these wines

Red and white wines to enjoy with big glass and time

A white and a red wine of old vines with slate soils, Priorat character in your glass


Vintage 2016

A record vintage. Small healthy grapes, fruit of the driest summer we have had to date after a rainy spring. The moderate average temperatures with small showers in September provided us with one of the calmest and longest vintages of the last few years. Excellent ripeness and acidity. A benchmark vintage, one of the best in the last few years.

Vintage 2019

The year is to be remembered for the heatwave that lasted until the end of June, with temperatures of up to 43 °C that especially affected the Carignan. A hot summer, but with showers that cooled off the vines. Optimal conditions continued through the end of August resulting in grapes that were concentrated and well balanced. Great quality with slightly lower yields.